Tour Washington DC With Ellen
"Great personality, versatile and very knowledgeable. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with her... Understands families, and that was good for us, as we were a family of 8 in total." Family from Lebanon

"Ellen is engaging and very knowledgeable about the Capitol and its history; which is just what we wanted. The capitol, like all of government, is a labyrinth of unending twist and turns. She navigated the building and unfolded the history of creation and events which have occurred in this building. She is just what we needed to have a very enjoyable day of touring." Couple from New Zealand

"Ellen was so helpful and knowledgeable about D.C. She suggested great things to see and restaurants to try and gave us a wonderful tour of the National Cathedral. Would definitely use Ellen again!" Friends from Denver

"We loved Ellen! She was a treasure trove of interesting anecdotes and stories. She got us around the city very efficiently and was good about finding great places to stop, eat, and rest along the way. We will definitely hire her again." Family from England

"We had Ellen for a Washington dc tour last week....i would like to express to anyone who is thinking about using Ellen for a tour, to do it immediately..she was incredible, knowledgeable, interesting and an amazing guide...if u are going to go to DC. u must use Ellen, it will make your experience so much more rewarding." Couple from New York

"Ellen is very knowledgeable concerning every aspect of DC and its history. Ellen is definitely the best tour guide we're ever used. She made our trip to DC special, fun and educational. We recommend her at the highest level. She related well with all of us including our ten year old granddaughter. Thank you for such a great recommendation." Grandparents from Texas.

"During our July visit to Washington DC the weather was HOT (over 100 degrees) but Ellen was calm, cool, collected and an excellent tour guide.  Her knowledge of the area and its history is impressive and her easy-going friendliness was much appreciated by our group.  She was able to help organize our schedule so that we saw as many of the Washington highlights as possible in a short period of time without feeling rushed.    We really appreciated her help and guidance and would recommend her services to anyone planning a visit to DC." Directors, officers, spouses of Midwestern farm cooperative.

"Ellen is extremely professional, knowledgeable, interesting, kind and patient. She was a perfect match for our family.  I told her the places we were interested in seeing and she organized a wonderful schedule that worked perfectly.  She even arranged our luncheon plans, managing to have all 7 of us seated at the same table at Old Ebbitt Grill!!  My family, and especially my children, enjoyed a beautiful day thanks to Ellen!  I highly recommend you using her guide services as often as possible." Family with young children

 "Ellen, I did not hear one (1) discouraging, unhappy word from any of our group regarding you and the tour.  Praise and admiration for you was at a consensus.  You showed sincerity with sensitivity for us and our unique, emotional distress.  You kept track as closely as anyone could of everyone's whereabouts.  I know that was not easy.
I was impressed with your knowledge, with your presentation, and your on going smile.  You made all of us feel at ease.  In my heart I can only imagine what a grand /  wonderful parent you were and grandparent you are.  I am sure your employer felt a great loss when you retired.
I will use the brochures you gave me to tell my older grand kids the story of our trip.  They will here my rendition with all the appropriate importance of why the monuments exist.  I only hope that you can close your year with a joyous family gathering at Christmas.  God bless you and your family.  From me, A heart felt thank you."
Vietnam Veterans Group

"Ellen was a wonderful addition to our concert tour in Washington DC last summer! When not performing, the Northwest Boychoir toured DC with Ellen to see famous sites and learn more about our country’s great heritage. Ellen was very relaxed and easy to get along with. She was full information and we really liked how she engaged with our kids one-on-one when the opportunity presented itself. We especially appreciated her flexibility which is hugely important when working with our large group of 40 middle-school aged boys. I also appreciated the help and guidance she provided as I planned the itinerary before the trip. She really gave me great suggestions for the best museums and tours to do with our age group." Middle and high school group

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful tour of DC.  Your knowledge of the city, combined with your kindness and patience towards my elderly parents made for an absolutely wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!  We could not have asked for a more perfect tour guide for our family.  My father is still talking about you!!  As you know, it was my Dad's first time in DC and my Mom had not been there in 60 years.  It was very important to me that our visit be enjoyable and memorable.  You planned our day perfectly, my dad was able to see all the sights without becoming exhausted.  Thanks to you we enjoyed our "mini" vacation to DC.  I will let you know the next time I will be in DC, I would love to learn more about our nations capitol." Family of adult children and their parents

"On behalf of the members of Beth El Congregation and Beth El Sisterhood, thank you for the lovely walking tour of Old Jewish Washington. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and presentation made our visit both informative and interesting.  The tour also gave everyone the opportunity to see the similarities and differences n the origins of the Baltimore and Washington Jewish Communities. Again thank you for providing such an enjoyable afternoon for our group." Sisterhood

My gift to my grandchildren on their tenth birthday is a trip to Washington DC. We have just returned from our first grandchild’s Washington trip and his lifelong memory of this trip was extremely enhanced due to the guidance of Ellen Malasky.  Her professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm for the city of Washington is unsurpassed.  In a concise time frame, we saw all of the main highlights of Washington and were treated to exception narratives at each venue.  Without Ellen this would not have been possible.  I am looking forward to the next set of grandchildren’s visit because Ellen made this one all that we had hoped for.  Thank you Ellen!”  Grandmother, son and grandson.

Thanks so much for helping me organize our family reunion.  I was overwhelmed trying to plan a weekend for my 160 relatives and your calm demeanor, professionalism and humor were so comforting. The DC tour you designed and were the lead guide for was perfect for the mix of ages and interests of my family members. They had a great time! Thanks!!” Family Reunion

We really enjoyed our outing.  Thanks for your commentary and helpful suggestions. You are a pleasant and very knowledgeable lady. I believe my 20 + year old sons actually had a good time as well. We did enjoy our dinner---and you must have been the one that arranged for a birthday ice cream for me! I had a great birthday. Family birthday celebration.

Ellen Malasky is the best Course Leader I've had in five years. She was friendly, courteous, got along well with students and the adults on the trip. She handled unforeseen circumstances with calmness and aplomb. She made sure we saw as much as possible in D.C. without feeling overly rushed. Love her!” Student group

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