Tour Washington DC With Ellen
Sample Tours

Arlington National Cemetery Tour
Join me for a walking tour of Arlington National Cemetery.  Beginning at the Visitors Center we'll visit Justice Hill and visit the graves of John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Ted Kennedy. We'll see the mast of the Maine and the memorials to the Challenger and Columbia Space Shuttles. We’ll experience the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, stop by Robert E Lee's home (The Arlington House) and visit the graves of famous Americans including President Taft and Robert Lincoln. We'll end at the Women in the Military Service museum. Time and interest permitting, we could take METRO to the Pentagon and see the September 11 Pentagon Memorial and the Air Force Memorial or we could walk over to the Marine (Iwo Jima) Memorial. (3-4 hours)

Capitol Hill Tour
Let’s spend our time visiting the homes of the Legislative and Judicial branches of government.  We’ll visit the Supreme Court and, when possible, sit in the chamber hear its history and procedures. Next we’ll walk the halls of Congress as we visit the House of Representatives and Senate and major historic rooms. After riding the Senate subway, we’ll lunch at the Senate Cafeteria (cost of lunch not included in the tour). We’ll return to the Capitol Visitors Center and visit Exhibition, Hall.  Next we’ll take the tunnel to the Library of Congress and see the Guttenberg and Maintz Bibles, Reading Room and Jefferson’s library.  (4-6 hours)

Highlight of the Memorials
Let’s walk to visit the major memorials. (We can hire a car if you prefer.) We’ll begin at the Einstein Memorial in front of the National Academy of Science.  From here we’ll visit the Vietnam Veterans, Lincoln and Korean Veterans memorials. 
We'll walk past the reflecting pool and to the World War II Memorial and the Washington Monument. From here we'll walk to the White House stopping at both sides. Optional lunch at the Old Ebbitt Grill (not included in the price.) (Depending on the energy of the group, the itinerary may be adjusted to also visit the Martin Luther King and FDR memorials. (3-4 hours)

National Cathedral and Embassy Row
Join me in visiting this true gem, The Washington National Cathedral. The sixth largest cathedral in the world, this classic gothic cathedral is the site of major United States religious services such as the funerals of presidents.  We’ll see the magnificent stained glass windows, Canterbury Pulpit, 10,000 pipe organ and much more.  We’ll walk or ride down Massachusetts Avenue past the home of the vice president and Islamic Center (mosque), see the many grand homes of Washington DC that became embassies and end at DuPont Circle. (2-4 hours)

Walking Lincoln’s Washington
Let’s walk in Lincoln’s footsteps as we visit many of the places he spent time during his administration. Beginning at Freedom Plaza, we’ll see the Willard Hotel, where he stayed the night before his inauguration,  the White House, St Johns Church, New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, Portrait Gallery (Old Patent Office and hospital during he Civil War), the Monaco Hotel (Old post office and telegraph office) and Fords Theater and the Anderson House. (2-3 hours)

Custom Tours
Any of the sights mentioned in the tours above plus so many more can be included in a custom itinerary.  A sample of other sights include the following: African American Civil War Memorial, National Japanese American Memorial, Titanic Memorial, Smithsonian Museums, National Gallery of Art, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and many, many more.

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